Steve Alan
Artist / Author



Ages 6 and up

32 pages of coloring fun

A set of crayons with every book



This little book deals with the big issues of loneliness and friendship. Living alone on a tiny island in the vast ocean, Curly, named because of his curly trunk, seems to be the only one without a friend or partner.

Chance intervenes and sends Curly a friend and companion by way of a bird carrying a palm seed in its beak. Flying directly over the island the bird drops his seed, guess where? Things are looking good for Curly and his new young friend Twirley, until a huge hurricane threatens to rip the youngster out by his tiny roots.

Curley's creative and valiant act saves his little friend and future companion. In the end he is not a lonely palm tree anymore. This delightful story always keeps the attention and ends with big sigh.