Steve Alan
Artist / Author


LABEL-river-newThere was a very old couple that lived in a cabin in the woods. They never had children, but felt as though the trees were their family.

Every day, summer or winter, rain or shine, they would take long walks in the woods. One of their favorite walks was along a little footpath that ran beside a river. As they strolled along, they would chat about the animals or plants they saw.

After many happy years of this, the man became too old to walk with his wife. When she had to walk through the woods alone, it was not the same for her. To keep herself company, she decided to plant his favorite trees every ten feet along the bank above the river.

Before long the fast-growing trees were as tall and straight as he used to be, and she would speak to each one as she came upon it, just as she used to talk with him.

What you will learn in this picture:

  • The order of things (what to paint first, second, etc.)
  • The pencil sketch
  • How to paint in the sky
  • How to paint a moving river
  • How to paint realistic rocks
  • How to fashion realistic bushes and grass
  • How to paint 3-dimensional trees with leaves