Steve Alan
Artist / Author


LABEL-canal-newIn the late 1800's, there was a very poor and thirsty village in the Middle East. Although water lay less than a mile to the north, the government would not build the much needed canal that would bring in the life giving water to the village.

In that village there lived a man name Abraham, who decided to dig his own canal. So Abraham gathered all his friends and relatives and started to dig. After nine months they had a six-foot wide canal coming from the distant mountain all the way to the village.

The transformation was astounding! The village started to thrive almost immediately. Date palm trees were planted all along the length of the canal and villagers had abundant water for farming.

In his old age, Abraham's greatest joy was still to walk along the canal with his cane in hand to enjoy the flow water that gave life to his village and its people.

What you will learn in this picture:

  • The order of things.. what to paint first to last
  • How to create distant mountains with a sunny side
  • Perspective in the canal and the palm trees along its bank
  • How to make reflections in water
  • How to make cast shadows from the palm onto the sand