Steve Alan
Artist / Author


LABEL-encinas-newHeading north on Highway 101 in Carlsbad, California, just before Palomar Airport Road there is a stretch of road that comes very close to the ocean. This road has a distant view of the Encinas Power Plant, a sandy beach and a small lifeguard house on stilts. People like to run or walk the sandy beach that stretches for miles all along the shore. In the distance you can see Dana Point.

If you look out over the ocean at the setting sun, you will see its luminous reflections in the waves, as a sailboat on the horizon makes its way home to the harbor. The curving road that leads toward the plant has guardrails on wooden posts. At sunset, they cast long
shadows across the highway as the sun sets.

What you will learn in this

  • Sunlight and shadows on the tower and plant building
  • Distant mountains
  • Perspective and lead-in with the road
  • Lifeguard house silhouette and shadow
  • Weeds and grasses
  • Waves and setting sun
  • Cast shadows of the guardrails