Steve Alan
Artist / Author


LABEL-rockypoint-newThere was an old sea captain who spent his whole life sailing around the world. When he retired, he wanted to be close to the ocean he loved for so many years. So he moved to Maine and bought a house high up on a cliff overlooking the ocean.

One day the mayor of the nearby town approached the old sea captain and said "Our little harbor is getting very busy with boat and ship traffic. We want to build a light house and you have the best spot on the coast. Can we build it next to your house?"

The old sea captain agreed, on the condition that he would become the first lighthouse keeper. So a 3-story tower was built and attached to his house. A balcony was erected on top where he could observe the weather.

Eventually, the light itself at the very top with a red tin roof created the landmark it has become today. At night and in stormy weather the light can be seen for three miles away.

On good weather days, like the one in this picture, the lighthouse is still a guide for all the little boats that enter the harbor.

What you will learn in this lesson:

  • The power of a diagonal sky
  • How to lift out the tower light
  • Shadows that create a curved shape like the tower
  • How to paint fir trees
  • How to scrape out cliffs
  • How to paint waves