Steve Alan
Artist / Author


LABEL-lighthouse-newThe little town of Rocky Point in the state of Maine needed a lighthouse to help with  increasing traffic into its harbor. The mayor and his aides chose Rocky Point, just across from the larger Green Point, as the new site. This unused little point of land was perfect for the tower of the new lighthouse because the foundation needed to be built into the rock to be strong enough to withstand the winter's storms.

The three-story tower was built from concrete. A red metal roof and balcony were added on the top to hold the electric lamp. Its powerful light could be seen more than three miles away.

What you will learn in this picture:

  • The order of things (what to do first, second, etc)
  • The pencil sketch
  • How to paint a sunset sky
  • How to lift out the sunbeams
  • How to paint rocks
  • How to paint the sun and its reflections
  • How to paint a realistic lighthouse with candy striping on the tower